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Quinta,  T0,  Venda

Preço 280000,00

Anúncio inserido há 

Quinta Venda
The Project aims to maintain as much as possible the original structure of the mill, allowing at the same time its transformation in a confortable holiday residence for a big family or for a group of friends by introducing the essential elements neecessary to turn it into a home. In the large entrace hall, which introduces to the further big open space, there are two bathrooms: a small guest bathroom, and a bigger and more comfortable one. Close to the entrance, a kithchen and a pantry, with direct communication to the outside, where a barbecue could find place. The big open arched space is kept as a common area, opened to the outside garden by wide windwos. The existent raised platform of North side of the building is party maintained and tranformed into a chill-out area. On the west side part of the building (which is originally more closed) we foud four double bedrooms and a bathroom. The exterior space, wich surrounds all the building on the East, North and West side, has a strict relationship with the interior, offering in spring and summer days an extension of the house. The garden on the East side gives space to a car parking and to an elevated deck that continues the one in the interior. The garden on the West side could also accomodate another deck for a rest area or as small pool.;ID RE/MAX: 120261257-16
Refª do Imóvel : 120261257-16

Características / Descrição
  • Ano 1950

  • Área Útil 448m2

  • Área Bruta 448m2

  • Área Total 1041m2

Localização do Produto / Serviço
Referência do Anúncio CM09538334IMO

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Av. da República, Nº 60-A

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